Paper, film and cardboard for clothes patterns and plotters

Adhesive (hot-melt) Paper for plotter STANDART

Hot-melt paper for plotter is ideal choice to create templates and patterns. An excellent choice for designers, who need to make patterns for long-term use, facilitates work directly during cutting. Thanks to its adhesive layer, it is easily fixed to the fabric by means of the industrial iron and provides high precision of cutting patterns of clothes. It is brilliant for manual cutting.


Density gр/m2 – 62
Width, cm – 81, 101, 154, 164, 167, 184, 204, 224

This paper has a good adhesion to the cardboard.

Has a low degree of whiteness.

Sticky paper does not leave traces, easy to use.

This consumable material guarantees high precision of the drawing.

The paper is used at a temperature of 100-160 ºC.

Recommended temperature of use is 160 ° C.