Paper, film and cardboard for clothes patterns and plotters

Film for automatic cutting complex

HPDE film is used in automatic cutting complexes (ACCs). Its main features are width in centimetres (cm) and thickness in microns (µm). It used to cover the finished overlay, the lowest layer of which is perforated paper. Then the fabric is laid with the appropriate number of layers, which may also be separated by a crepe paper, and then it all is covered by the film. The thickness and width of the film is selected so as to cover completely the ACCs in accordance to the overlay width, height and density of the fabric.


Thickness, µm – 15,20,25
Width, cm – 180, 195, 205,215, 225,230,235, 245,250, 260

A film of good quality and high density is required for a propper functioning of automatic cutting complexes.