Paper, film and cardboard for clothes patterns and plotters

Micro perforated paper ECO is used at automatic cutting complexes for cutting the fabric. Namely, it is put by the lower layer when cutting out the details of the clothes. The micro perforated paper is suitable for cutting small details of clothes because of small holes for air. It holds the ready-made overlay of small details and prevents them from being pulled or tightened into the brushes of an automated cutting complex. This paper is also used for manual cutting.


Density gр/m2 – 60, 80
Width, cm – 160, 168, 182,195,235

The paper is of an excellent quality – while it is unwrapped on a cutting table there is no “waves” and no edges, which is very convenient for production process.

It is put under the overlay of fabric and used in the process of cutting to prevent slip, tightening, clamping of the fabric while processing.