Paper, film and cardboard for clothes patterns and plotters

Paper with a grid for plotters

Paper with a grid for plotters

Paper with a grid for plotters is often used by the staff of the experimental workshops to create templates with a high degree of accuracy. This paper with a grid significantly accelerates the work of designers, because it is no longer necessary to pre-draw it, like it happens with watman. The use of a millimeter grid together with a tracing paper allows you to copy drawings and sketches. The customers, who work with fabric, highly evaluated the paper. With the advent of millimeter paper work of cutters has considerably simplified, and fans of quilting create new, interesting mosaic patterns. Paper with a grid is ideal for creating patterns and cutting fabrics. Thanks to the matrix, the process of the templates creating manually is facilitated.

Features the paper with a grid for plotters:

Density gр/m2 – 62
Width, cm – 81, 101, 165, 182

Matrix paper on the front side.