Paper, film and cardboard for clothes patterns and plotters

Plotter for H 170-190-220 series

plotter H series

Plotter H 170-190-220 series

"Technical-Industrial Service" PE sells tools which help to accelerate process of design or clothes production . To do this, you are recommended to buy a vertical inkjet plotter of H 170-190-220 series. This professional line of plotters is designed for long use and attracts customers because of both the print quality and reliability and ease of operation. The H 170-190-220 series vertical inkjet plotter has the best price/quality ratio. The plotter occupies a smaller area in comparison with horizontal analogs. It prints on all types of paper and cardboard with a density of 40-300 g / m2, allowing you to print files of almost all existing CAD programs. The operating system of the vertical plotter H 170-190-220 supports files of formats like plt; spl; pl; hp; hpg; hpgl; dwg; dxf; ppd; pmd; hp2; p. Plotter printing is provided by a head with two cartridges or the one with ink container, depending on the modification of the plotter. The design of the vertical plotter of the H 170-190-220 series allows printing on paper 150-220 cm wide with a roll length of up to 300 m. Purchasing the plotter, you get an excellent print quality and support of "Technical-Industrial Service" PE staff. To buy a vertical jet plotter of the H 170-190-220 series it is enough to call or fill in the form.

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