Paper, film and cardboard for clothes patterns and plotters

IT single-sided carton for plotter

IT single-sided cardboard for plotter

IT single-sided cardboard for plotter is great for printing on plotters, which do print by the mechanical movement of a ballpoint pen, cartridge, or print head. It is possible to cut a given carton on a plotter which has a cutting knife, thus the need for manual cutting is eliminated, and time is significantly saved. Another use of the single-sided cardboard is a manual design of clothes and creation of temporary templates. Paper is delivered in rolls.


Density gр/m2 – 230
Width, cm  – 150

IT single-sided cardboard is made of bleached cellulose and has a one-sided chalk coating.

This cardboard provides all the possibilities for creative design.

The high degree of whiteness, excellent printing qualities and stiffness, as well as damage resistance, makes it an ideal material for finished templates production.

The high smoothness of the front side ensures excellent plotter print quality.