Paper, film and cardboard for clothes patterns and plotters

Density gр/m2 – 60, 80, 90
Width, cm – 84, 168, 182, 195

Sublimation printing is the creation of a picture with paint or ink, when under the influence of high temperatures, they move from liquid or solid to gas-like and penetrate deeply into the texture of the fabrics. The main guide for this technology is sublimation paper. Most often this technology is used when working with textile in rolls, both for direct and intermediate sublimation printing. In this case, the intermediate item is a paper for sublimation, which is then used as a print for a thermal transfer. Our company offers different versions of the winding of this paper and different variations of the width of the roll.

  • Surface of sublimation paper has a special coating, which eliminates ink absorbtion inside the paper.
  • It remains on the surface and, thus, does not spread that helps to achieve photographic quality while printing.
  • Dried ink on subliminal paper looks a bit volumetric.
  • Further, in the process of transferring almost all is transferred onto the semi-finished products.